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Tech Talents and
Tech Innovators


In Rwanda, most of the innovations in Technology, start-ups, or even ideas, supporting projects and initiatives are concentrated in the capital city of Kigali and there is little knowledge about Tech Talents outside the capital. Therefore; the Rwanda ICT Chamber in partnership with the German IT association BITMi initiated the project to create awareness, build interest in young people, and identify promising Tech Talents across all provinces in Rwanda that can be further supported.

The project will be conducted during in three phases: talent detection across the country, training, and a hackathon. 250STARTUPS, FabLab and kLab were selected as a consortium to implement the project.

Why Apply


Practical Training

You will get hands-on training from different experts in Software engineering, CAD, Hardware manufacturing and more.



We match you with competent and experienced mentors for guidance and support throughout the program.


Internship Opportunity

Top talents will have the opportunity to go for an internship at a local organization or in Germany.


Employment Opportunities

Tech talents will get the chance to be hired in different organizations after completing the program through our network of employers.


Access to Incubation Programs

The best Innovators will have access to different incubation programs including kLab, FabLab, and 250STARTUPS.

What You get


Tech Innovator

  1. Having a business project in Hardware or Software
  2. Having a design for a hardware project (i.e. SolidWorks) and a mockup for a software project which can be shown via pictures or a link (GitHub, URL)
  3. Being a Student at either a university, college or TVET in Rwanda
  4. Having a Laptop
  5. Being committed
  6. Living in Rwanda currently

Tech Talents

  1. Having worked on 1 or more IT project (i.e. school project, hackathon prototype, freelance work) which can be shown via pictures or a link (GitHub, URL)
  2. Being familiar with programming (i.e. web development or mobile app development) for software talents
  3. Being familiar with a CAD software for hardware talents
  4. Being a Student at either a university, college or TVET in Rwanda
  5. Having a Laptop
  6. Being committed
  7. Living in Rwanda currently

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